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Meet the Team


Alan Reed
MOst - Registered Osteopath

Alan's interest is identifying the how and why your pain has occurred at this time, this helps him work with you to design a plan that will get you pain-free and keep you that way for years to come. He is a trained Pilates Clinician, having completed DMA Clinical Pilates training to level 3 in matwork, he designs individual tailored programs to help you recover from your specific pathology rather than using a generalist exercise approach. He has completed Fundamental and Advanced training in Kinesio™ Taping and ROCKDOC taping courses.

Alan also practices at The Good Health Centre, Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Selby Osteopaths. He has a keen interest in safe manual handling and works as a consultant for one of the UK's leading Manual Handling training providers Osteopathic Solutions.

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Niall Walsh
MOst – Registered Osteopath

Niall grew up in London and moved to Leeds in 2012. He graduated from Leeds Beckett University in July 2017 with a Master's degree of Osteopathy. He enjoys the challenge of treating shoulder pain & impingement, postural dysfunctions and low back pain. In 2016 Niall qualified and competed at the British u23 weightlifting championships. This experience and the training required allowed him to gain an in-depth knowledge of exercise prescription, rehabilitation and training for sports.

Craniosacral Osteopathy
Niall has completed Module 1: craniosacral Osteopathy, which has given him an interest in alternative treatments. He aspires to complete further modules in the subject as well as enhance his knowledge of clinical nutrition that he acquired through continual professional development courses. Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle, safe and effective approach to treatment of a wide range of problems throughout the body.

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Felix Tongue
MOst – Registered Osteopath

Felix graduated with a Master's from the European School of Osteopathy in the UK. In the course of his work he acquired extensive practical experience of treating all age ranges, from new-born to the elderly, using a wide range of techniques including structural, cranial and visceral approaches.

Felix grew up in Brussels, Belgium, in a multilingual environment and speaks four languages (English, German, French and Spanish). He is a sports enthusiast and particularly enjoys tennis, football, hiking, mountain biking and running.

Felix first became interested in osteopathy at an early age, after being successfully treated for a sports injury. He also learned about the benefits of manual therapy from his grandfather, a physiotherapist who still practises at the age of 80.

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